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Alison Reuter, founder and principal designer of A/Revelation designs, is your specialist for creating upscale, custom interiors to elevate your lifestyle. Alison holds over 20 years of experience collaborating with Fortune 500 executives, with a specialized focus on enhancing the health and wellness of mountain living professionals.

Are you feeling constrained and uninspired by a home that doesn’t fit your lifestyle (or your gear)? 

Alison Reuter is the driving force behind A/Revelation Designs, bringing a wealth of experience and a deep passion for mountain living to every project. With over 20 years in the industry, Alison has honed her craft designing for Fortune 500 companies before focusing her expertise on creating exceptional spaces for outdoor enthusiasts and executives.

Alison's approach to design is both practical and innovative, blending her keen eye for detail with a deep understanding of her clients' needs and lifestyles. She believes that your home should not only reflect your personality but also enhance your daily life, serving as a sanctuary where you can recharge and reconnect.

What sets Alison apart is her commitment to excellence and her ability to seamlessly integrate form and function. From concept to completion, she works closely with her clients, ensuring that every detail is perfect and every aspect of the design reflects their unique vision.

Whether you're looking to transform your home into a mountain retreat or create a dynamic retail space, Alison and the team at A/Revelation designs are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.



Let’s Get Personal

Secret Talent...

Losing shoes while mountain biking! (You’ll have to ask me about this story)

Human Design...

6/3 Manifesting Generator

Take My Money...

Bike & ski passes... how many is too many to have each season?

Favorite way to unplug...

Playing in the white pow of winter 🎿 & brown pow of summer. 🚵

Now Playing...

Everything from Dua Lipa to CSS to George Strait & all the styles in between!

Guilty Pleasure...

Rice milk chocolate & organic dried apricots

Favorite color...

Anything that has to do with a peacock's tail.

Best Ski Resort...

Who’s got the most powder?

I take pride in...

Curating designs that look & feel like my clients.

Every room needs...

A little pop of color & personality.

Justin F.

"Working with Alison is always an amazing adventure. The way she sees space & understands how the environment influences one's behavior is more than 'merchandising magic' - it's sheer talent."

Understanding. Adventurous. Talented.

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